Recharge for foreign users



Dear customer:

Forum virtual currency price as follows:

1USD美元(Convert into Forum virtual currency):50coins

30USD美元(Convert into Forum virtual currency):2000coins

50USD美元(Convert into Forum virtual currency):4000coins

How to recharge?

(A)Answer:If you have Alipay or WeChat, the best way is to pay.Alipay or WeChat payment please click here to trade.

(B)Answer:First of all, you need to register your account,if you don’t know Chinese,you can use Google browser because it has translation function.

Step2:After you register,you may remit money to our Company PayPal account,and then tell me the account that needs to be recharged by Email.




Transaction PayPal account :


TELL:+86  13600229862 (Peking time 9:00-24:00)